Built on Faith & Family Values

Moving Individuals and Organizations from Surviving to Thriving
with Passion and Purpose.




Balancing family, marriage, faith, fun, career, friends, health and finances, can cause a lot of tension and can easily become overwhelming, especially alone.

With Thrive alongside you providing the right direction and support you and your organization can achieve the measurable goals you desire. Here are some of the ways we serve our clients:  

  • Counseling | healing the past

  • Coaching | creating the future

  • Consulting | getting the results

  • Speaking | inspiring the people

  • Marriage & Family Coaching



The decision to launch Thrive stems from our deep desire to spend our lives making an impact and a difference in people's lives.  With our professional careers in business and in ministry colliding together we have developed a unique approach to serve organizations and individuals causing them to thrive in all that they do.



Whether you are in a personal crisis, a leadership challenge, a family matter or your church needs a revival - we will tailor a strategic approach for you based  on the 4 Thrive Principles:




Live in



“Tim and Gina both love people, are humble and have a contagious joy and power of the Holy Spirit about them. They also have a great way of relating to people of all strata economically and socially. They can relate to millionaires as well as a drug addict living on the streets. Tim and Gina both have a powerful presence of God’s Spirit and discernment. Both Tim and Gina have spoke into my life and into many others in our community."

Jim Proos Retired Chaplain