The "Tim" video has been distributed all over the world and has had tremendous impact on delivering hope to those in need. Watch how Tim moves from Surviving to Thriving in his own life and share it today with someone who needs the same.



The "Tim" video was originally recorded in 2006 by Penny Carlisi of Reveal Film Group. With a vision for Tim's testimony to bring hope to people everywhere Penny recorded Tim's life in a mini film called, "Tim".  They could not have predicted the profound impact it has made as thousands of copies have been distributed around the world. Take 30 minutes and enjoy a glimpse of God's hand at work in Tim's life.  




In 2014 Penny published another video called "Redeemed by Grace" which includes amazing updates in Tim's life since the original film in 2006 and several others like Tim, with an amazing God story. Each testimony is just one example of the work God does in our human lives every single day. His grace is more than enough to take heart and overcome this world. 

Many thanks and deep gratitude, forever and always to Penny Carlisi and her team for taking the time to document such inspiration and hope for all.


A note from Penny of Reveal Film Group - "I've been friends with Gina and Tim ever since I met them at The Naz. We've served together in many different capacities.  Gina is hard working, very organized and very faithful to serving God. Tim is outgoing, compassionate and has a heart for evangelizing. I had the pleasure of working with him on the TIM project where he transparently shared his testimony with the world. Both Gina and Tim are the real deal and are passionately serve the Lord in whatever capacity is set before them. I am proud to call them my friends."

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