Built on Faith & Family Values





Healing the Past

Tim has been there. From drugs & alcohol, to abuse and suicidal tendencies, Tim has experienced it and has also overcome because his story collided with God's story!   Tim lives his life in a real way, working out his sobriety and healing daily and he loves the opportunity to support people who are ready to recover and thrive!  Tim specializes in walking people through:

  • Crisis

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse & Addiction

  • Suicidal Tendencies

  • Recovery & Intervention

  • Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

  • Marriage/Family (see below)



Creating the Future

Are you ready to maximize your full potential?
Invite one of our coaches into your life and start getting results! With regular meetings that include honest conversation and accountability you will MOVE from just surviving to thriving! 

Thrive will come alongside you to provide the right direction and support to achieve your desired goals. 

The Life Map and Wheel of Life are intentional tools that will guide you to a place of living life by 4 Thrive Principles:

  • Discover

  • Engage

  • Experience

  • Live in



Getting the Results

Are you ready to take your organization, business, non-profit or church to the next level?  With intentional conversations and precise decisions we will work beside you in :

  • Team Dynamics & Culture

  • Vision & Strategic Planning

  • Role Definition / Clarity

  • Chaplaincy Support for you and your team members with any consulting package








Tim has the unique ability to speak to a wide variety of audiences due to his life experience from extreme brokenness and abuse to a successful and prosperous business career.  Tim is sought after, passionate communicator who loves to inspire, bring hope and move organizations and individuals forward to a place where they thrive. Tim has spoke at several State Capitals, many pro-life, drug and alcohol and suicide awareness events as well conferences and assemblies across the States.  

Gina loves the opportunity to inspire others to greatness. Gina has an extensive speaking background and specializes in inspirational themes such as family, parenting, worship, leadership and all things to do with being a woman! Gina relaxes her audience quickly with her warm approach and authentic spirit.

Marriage Coaching

Tim has met with couples for years bringing TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY, COMMUNICATION and INTIMACY  as the tools necessary for a thriving relationship between a man and woman.  Tim is exceptionally gifted at coaching couples through honesty and accountability, encouraging a selfless, Christ-like love that always wins.  Thrive offers :

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Marriage Coaching

  • Parental Coaching

  • Marriage Ceremony

  • Marriage Vow Renewal

  • Marriage Inspiration (to a group)

Family Coaching 


Families spend more time planning their vacations each year than they do on how they plan to "do life" together in this world.  FTT (Failure To Thrive) is a term used by pediatricians when a baby is not gaining weight or growing.   Is your family thriving or could it be diagnosed with FTT?  At Thrive we have come alongside families with these opportunities: 

Leave a Legacy
Intentional, strategic planning on how you will "do life" in your home. Implementing this kind of care in your family relationships will forever impact each member's life and the legacy they too, will leave behind. Thrive will come along side your family to:

  • Write a Family Creed See Wessel Family Creed

  • Host Rite of Passage Ceremonies at 13th/ 16th birthdays

  • Family Workshops - hosted by a church or large organization, or could be in a home/small group setting. 2 hours of intentional learning and discussion.