About Us

The Wessel Family

The Wessels live in Livingston County, MI with their children and a dog named Boo! 

Devin (far left, 19), Livia (middle, 18) and Kadin (far right, 16).

Tim and Gina are very intentional about family life and enjoy every chance they get to support the kids in their goals and dreams.
They enjoy basketball, volleyball, camping, fishing, music and just a lot of being together!


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Tim Wessel is an ordained pastor with an extensive background in church leadership, ministry and recovery. Tim earned his BBA in Accounting Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University and immediately joined a large regional accounting firm where he performed tax, audit and specialized consulting services for business clients across the United States for 12 years. He worked with small business at one end to Fortune 500 companies at the other end and everything in between. Tim's greatest passion is people and for 12 years before Thrive, he served people through his work as an Outreach/Recovery Pastor. He has spent years building relationships and helping individuals to move from surviving to thriving so they can live their lives with Passion, Purpose, Prosperity and Peace. Tim dreams big and has great vision to help organizations and individuals realize their full potential. 






Gina Wessel started working in the Banking Industry while she was still in High School. She worked her way from a Bank Teller to a Regional Bank Manager and Trainer. Gina's greatest passion is leading people, she is a ferocious learner who devours books and is passionate about sharing what she learns. Prior to Thrive, Gina served as a Worship Ministry Leader and Staff Manager for 12 years. She is a strong leader with exceptional organizational and communication skills that draw people naturally to her. Gina brings the heart of worship to everything she does, she values family and loves the opportunity to awake the urgency in others to be intentional in their family relationships.






"Tim Wessel is a strong and creative leader, an engaging public speaker and evangelist, an effective relationship builder and life coach, a successful businessman, a loving family man, and an authentic man of God.   Tim builds meaningful and productive relationships with churchmen and laymen alike at all social, economic, and political levels. As a result, Tim builds excitement and enthusiasm for helping others in these groups, and has been invited and engaged as an effective speaker at many of these organizations and their community events. 

Gina worked at an executive level not only to manage administrative detail, but also to provide leadership for church organization strategic planning, creative planning, management, and execution as well as major fund raising programs.   As a public speaker, she is well organized and communicates effectively. Gina and her husband collaborate to actively lead their family to focus on Christ not just in church and family devotions, but in every aspect of their lives. The same preparation and leadership that Gina provides in her work she also brings to bear on her family and their daily activities."

Joe Thomas
IT Manager for Special Projects at DTE Energy

"Tim is one of the most profound men of God that I've ever had the privilege of becoming acquainted with in my life.   I have met with Pastor Tim for both personal and business guidance and counsel.  As a Certified Brain Injury Specialist who has begun two businesses in this area of expertise in this year, his prayerful direction has been both uplifting and informative.  I am grateful for the integrity of his heart, and the truthful counsel of his words, always bathed in prayer, and the dignity he displays for all people no matter their placement or situation in life."   
Sally Urbaniak
President / Founder and Director at Compass Creations, Inc.

“Having served under Gina in a volunteer worship leader role for several years, I can tell you that Gina epitomizes how leadership should look with Christ-like humility and a passion for excellence.  Her ability to bring a team together and get others excited about the goals is something that has greatly carried over into my own personal and work life.   Gina has the anointed ability to grow others with a high degree of organization, communication, mentorship, and goal-oriented direction…….truly a pleasure to serve under her leadership and counsel.” 

Jason Stiles
Director - Michigan Tool & Gauge, Inc

"Gina is engaging and endearing.  She was our Guest Speaker at our annual Ladies Christmas Dinner and she did an amazing job.  She was very real as she shared her own struggles so that people could relate to her and she made them laugh, I know they appreciate that! She brought the Scriptures alive and did a beautiful job of tying it all together."

Nikki Catherincchia
Spiritual Formation Director at The Woods Church

"Tim did a great job using his own failures and weaknesses and experiences to help the men in the parenting class that he and Gina team taught together.  A couple things I learned and put into practice from that class are, to admit when I was wrong and go to my kids and apologize when I realized I’ve screwed up or been too harsh. I also learned from Tim how to analyze or understand the different personalities and uniqueness in all my kids, and dealing and disciplining each one accordingly. The class was well thought out, very organized, and very interactive, which I know personally was very helpful to many of the people who attended."

Josh Latson
Chief Field Surveyor